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"Who Eats Who"

An Art Project

Harking back to traditional block printing techniques, this fanciful piece relishes on its cartoony depiction of nature, its unabashed cultural appropriations and its naïf approach to the joys of honest hand-made art.

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About MRCS Filmes

Established in 2006, MRCS is a “Boutique Creative Lab” in the South Bronx area of Mott Haven, specializing in the development of projects within the fields of self-publishing, graphic design, film and animation, digital art and music production.

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Carolina Heat Stroke

An Indie musical group based in Carolina, Puerto Rico, Carolina Heat Stroke's soft vocals and punchy lyrics take the visuals of this no-budget film project to the next level. Click the link to hear the main theme of A Fool's Errand.

A Fool's Errand

Phil is mentally challenged, but he is not an idiot, contrary to popular belief. Reluctant to kill a seemingly innocent accountant from New Jersey, he is now on a bloody crusade for redemption, trying to save the man's life.

I dont wanna die - From the Original Sound TrackCarolina Heat Stroke
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