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In The Production Slate!

Autos Sacramentales

A Feature Length Film Project



Vengeance is always a promise.


(La venganza es siempre una promesa.)


Two youths crumble under the pressure of their life’s harsh expectations as they set out to take revenge upon the least expected foe.


Short Synopsis

Childhood “friends” Edgar, a sensitive and humble construction laborer at a loss about his future and in conflict with his expectations and ambitions, and Claudio, a local small-time thief just out from a short stint in jail, set out to kill the priest that raped them in their infancy, stealing their innocence and manhood. But this clumsy attempt for revenge brings them unexpected revelations, tragic consequences, and little chance for closure or redemption.

This project is now in pre-production and getting ready to start main photography (mid-September)

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